Ethical and responsible

Biodynamics / Agronomy / Biodiversity

Our approach is double-sided, by working both in the vineyard and the cellar. We consider the area from an agronomic point of view, always in favor of the most natural possible work. Manuring, sodding, biodiversity stimulation. We also work on the protection of the vine, at least in organic farming and, when it is possible, in biodynamics, through innovative or proven alternative methods : fermented extracts, decoctions, macerations and herbal teas.

In the cellar, for more than 30 years, we have been developing methods that have proved their excellence. On the basis of lunar calendars, we decide the optimal dates of wine work. According to the desires and objectives of the winemaker, we cooperate and guide them in alternative approaches to traditional winemaking. In any case, common sense always prevails in all the choices we make, throughout the process of creation and support. The priority is always to make the best possible wine, in close collaboration between the winemaker and us. Because this is the path to excellence.